Colreavy welcomes the announcement by Teagasc that their office in Manorhamilton will stay open.

Deputy Michael Colreavy, Sinn Féin TD for Sligo/North Leitrim has welcomed the announcement by Teagasc that their office in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim, will not close. Deputy Colreavy attended today’s meeting of the Committee on Communications, Natural Resources and Agriculture. The meeting was addressed by Professor Gerry Boyle, Director of Teagasc and Dr. Tom Kelly, Director of Knowledge Transfer, Teagasc. There was an assurance given at the meeting by Teagasc that the Manorhamilton Teagasc office would not close under Phase 2 of closures.

Commenting after the meeting, Deputy Colreavy said “I welcome the announcement by Teagasc that their office in Manorhamilton will stay open. The office provides excellent facilities and staff to the local rural community. It serves a large area of the North West including North Sligo, North Leitrim, South Donegal and South West Cavan. The retention of the Teagasc office is essential as otherwise farmers could be forced to travel over an hour to avail of the services from other offices.”

“At a time when agriculture is providing much needed revenue to the Irish economy, it is essential that services such as the Manorhamilton Teagasc office are kept open. Therefore, I welcome today’s announcement by Teagasc and I hope it continues to provide assistance to the agricultural community in the North West.”

“I pressed Professor Boyle as to whether he could assure to the committee in relation to the longterm Teagasc facility in Manorhamilton but he indicated that he could hot foresee the future but the Manorhamilton office is not scheduled for closure in the current review.”


Sinn Féin T.D Michael Colreavy has said that the passing of the Water Services Bill, without any standards

being agreed or published, is simply a knee jerk reaction to an EU Directive that is over 35 years old and

shows the repeated failures of previous Governments. The Water Services Bill in its current form is bad for

householders.Sinn Féin has listened to people’s concerns and we reflected those concerns in our contributions

to the debate. Unfortunately in a desperate measure to avoid real debate the government guillotined the debate

at every opportunity.

Speaking on the issue Michael said ” The act will criminalise rural householders all over Sligo and North Leitrim

if they fail to comply with unfair demands. This Government is failing to recognise that many households simply will

not be able to pay for upgrades. Sinn Féin fully supports the upgrading of septic tanks. We fully agree that ground

water and environment must be protected. Hundreds of millions of state money was invested in urban waste water systems

the same support must now be given to rural householders when improving their septic tanks.”

Under pressure from Sinn Féin Minister Hogan conceded that some grants will have to be made available to assist

householders in upgrading their septic tanks, he has also reduced the cost of an appeal from €200 to €20 and a 4

week consultation process will take place before any standards will be agreed. Deputy Colreavy said he will

continue to actively campaign to make sure septic tank standards are just and fair and that financial assistance will

be provided to those who need it.

Colreavy welcomes the announcement of 175 new jobs for Sligo by Abbott Ireland

Deputy Michael Colreavy, has welcomed the announcement of 175 new jobs for Sligo by Abbott Ireland.
Commenting on the announcement Deputy Colreavy said “It is very welcoming to hear of new jobs being created at a time of such high
unemployment, especially in the north west region, often the worst affected by economic conditions. These new jobs will be a morale boost
for the people and the communities throughout the north west and they will hopefully help aid other small industries suffering during this
time of financial hardship.”

For More Information about these jobs see Abbott news page [Click Here]

Constituency Clinics Saturday 18th February in Tubbercurry, Gurteen, Ballymote and Riverstown.

My next Constituency Clinics are scheduled for Saturday 18th February Tubbercurry, Gurteen, Ballymote and Riverstown.

Tubbercurry – St. Bridget’s Hall @ 11 am.

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Ballymote – Cryan’s Auctioneer’s Office @ 2pm

Riverstown – Community Centre @ 3:30pm.

If you need advice or I could be of some assistance in any matter, come along and discuss it with me.

Also remember I am available every Monday and Friday in my Constituency Offices in Sligo and Manorhamilton.

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Corporate spin in Tamboran fracking report will not set minds at ease – Flanagan‏

February 1, 2012

Fermanagh & South Tyrone MLA Phil Flanagan has said that no amount of corporate spin will set the minds of residents who are concerned about fracking at ease.

He was reacting to the news that Tamboran are to publish research tomorrow (Wednesday) claiming that there could be up to 4.­­4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves in North Leitrim & West Fermanagh and that up to 1,200 jobs could be created if fracking were to go ahead.

The Sinn Féin Energy Spokesperson said:

“This news is what many people in Fermanagh, Leitrim and further afield have been fearing, but it will not be accepted without some level of scepticism.

“There is a huge groundswell of public opposition to these plans and no amount of corporate spin in this report will set the minds of concerned residents at ease; it is important to remember that this was not an impartial piece of work and it is of course in the company’s interests to talk up the potential of the project.

“No matter how much gas Tamboran claim there may be in the area, it will never be used to benefit communities in North Leitrim or West Fermanagh.

“The gas itself will all be exported on the international market, the profits will be taken away by a foreign owned company and the vast majority of tax collected in the north will be handed over to the British government, with minimal taxes being gathered in the south.

“The talk of 1,200 jobs being created is another red herring; whilst these jobs may be created in one off schemes such as laying the concrete in the massive structures that will blight our landscape and compromise our environment, they are not long term jobs and the final number will surely be dwarfed by the consequent job losses in the agriculture and tourism industries.

“The fact that Fermanagh was listed as one of the top 100 tourist destinations by the Sunday Times is testament to the success and potential for the local industry; we would allow people the opportunity to contaminate the natural environment at our peril.

“The real potential for job creation and economic growth in Fermanagh & Leitrim surely lies in the development of clean, renewable sources of energy and that is where we need to focus our attention to attain true security of supply in the coming years.

“The fact that many other countries have moved to slow down or even stop the use of fracking should be a warning call to Ministers on this island; we should at the very least follow their approach and call a halt to this process until all the relevant environmental and economic consequences have been taken into consideration.”

Real concerns about Fracking: Colreavy

01 February 2012

Deputy Michael Colreavy has criticised proposed plans for the use of hydraulic fracturingor fracking as a means of gas extraction in the Lough Allen Basin. Deputy Colreavy highlighted the fact that there are real concerns about the use of fracking, both for the health of the people in the surrounding areas, and also environmental concerns.

Speaking on the issue Deputy Colreavy said: “The use of fracking has been outlawed in France and in Bulgaria. In England, near Blackpool, fracking has been suspended due to strong evidence that it was a contributing factor to a number of earthquakes. The practice, if introduced into Ireland, could well have environmental and health implications for people in the vicinity of the fracking activity. The practice is not likely to benefit the people of the area because, just like the gas, the money too will flow out of Ireland.”

Deputy Colreavy added: “People will be excused if they are sceptical of Tamboran Resources promise of jobs to the area. The practice of fracking will cause more harm to the area than benefits. The real potential for job creation in the North West region is in the development of clean, renewable energy. Most people in Leitrim, Cavan, Fermanagh and other areas realise that this practice could have a huge impact on their lives and their surrounding area. This has been clearly demonstrated by the massive groundswell of opposition to fracking. Sinn Féin will stand with the people in their fight against it.