‘Scaremongering will not work’ – Colreavy

As Sligo\North Leitrim Sinn Féin launched their No campaign, local TD Michael Colreavy has accused the parties calling for a Yes vote, “of scare mongering because there are no credible arguments in favour of the austerity treaty.”

Deputy Colreavy was speaking at a public meeting to launch the campaign in Sligo last Thursday April 27th.

He said, ‘‘We have already seen and experienced the damage to the Irish economy and the hardship for citizens caused by the failed policies of bank bailouts and crippling austerity, supported by Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil. There are countless examples of the cuts and there devastating impacts evident here in our own constituency, from the cuts to the budget of Cregg House, the continuing closure of beds in Sligo general hospital, the cuts in the carers allowance, which is bordering on sinful, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

“This treaty means at least a decade more of austerity and economic stagnation with even greater levels of unemployment, emigration, poverty and inequality such as the cuts I have already talked to you about. National and household debt, already at unsustainable levels, will increase. And crucially the arbitrary and draconian 0.5% deficit target will more than likely not be reached. Meanwhile billions of euros of taxpayers money continues to be pumped into Anglo Irish Bank”

Addressing the packed hall Cavan Senator Kathryn Reilly said “What this fiscal compact means in real terms is that were the referendum passed it will seriously undermine Irish sovereignty and Irish democracy by enshrining the policies of austerity into our constitution and our laws forever. They are asking us to say yes to surrendering important Irish fiscal and budgetary matters to un-elected and unaccountable EU officials. It would also mean that our domestic economy would remain in recession and that we would see even more people out of work. Vital funding for frontline health, education and community services is being cut even further in a bid to reach a structural deficit of 0.5%. Given that our structural deficit is projected to be at 3.7% in 2015, it would take up to a further €6 billion in cuts and new taxes to reach the 0.5% target post 2015”

Director of Elections Councillor Chris MacManus, “invited others locally opposed to the Treaty to assist Sinn Féin in the forthcoming campaign.”

Speaking after the meeting Deputy Colreavy said that “Sinn Féin is the only party in the constituency opposed to austerity and we are the only party opposing the Austerity Treaty. The Yes side has no arguments except scare mongering because there are no credible arguments in favour of the treaty. On May 31st let’s stand up for ourselves and for our families. Let’s stand up for each other. Let’s stand up for Ireland. Let us deliver a resounding and overwhelming ‘No’.” ENDS

Sinn Fein representatives Say NO to Austerity. L to R, Cllr. Arthur Gibbons, Deputy Michael Colreavy, TD, Senator Kathryn Reilly, Cllr. Chris Mac Manus.

Rural Ireland is under attack.

The policies of austerity are stripping local communities of essential services – of schools, of guidance counsellors, hospitals, post-offices and Garda stations It is also adding new stealth taxes like the Universal Social Charge, the Household Charge, VAT increases, motor tax increases and septic tank charges.

Businesses, shops and pubs in rural towns and villages are closing. Small indigenous businesses, including small farmers, with no real support from the government or credit from the banks, are going under. Our fishing communities are devastated.

All of this and the absence of equality of access to public services threatens the quality of life of people living in rural Ireland.

It is time start the fight back for rural Ireland and rural communities.

Join the Love Rural Ireland Campaign!

Deputy Colreavy presents cheque to Sean Fallon, co-founder of S.T.O.P!

The Michael J Marren South Sligo Cumann held a table quiz in Cawleys Hotel, Tubbercurry in aid of the charity S.T.O.P. (Suicide, Teach, Organise, Prevent). The Marren Cumann raised €400 from the table quiz and a great night was had by all who attended. Deputy Colreavy presented the cheque to Sean Fallon, co-founder of S.T.O.P, on Friday 30th March 2012 along Marren cumann members and their families in Tubbercurry.

Speaking after the presentation Deputy Colreavy said ” I am very pleased to be able to present the funds to STOP today on behalf of the Marren Cumann especially as this charity does great work in our communities assisting and supporting individuals who feel suicidal, are in distress or those who have been bereaved by suicide. Sinn Féin is committed to supporting hard working groups and charities such as S.T.O.P because the work they do and supports they offer are invaluable.”

Find more information on the supports available from S.T.O.P on their website: www.stopsuicide.ie

OR For Immediate Assistance Call: 071 916 4286 (24 hour crisis help line)


Sinn Féin T.D Michael Colreavy has said that the passing of the Water Services Bill, without any standards

being agreed or published, is simply a knee jerk reaction to an EU Directive that is over 35 years old and

shows the repeated failures of previous Governments. The Water Services Bill in its current form is bad for

householders.Sinn Féin has listened to people’s concerns and we reflected those concerns in our contributions

to the debate. Unfortunately in a desperate measure to avoid real debate the government guillotined the debate

at every opportunity.

Speaking on the issue Michael said ” The act will criminalise rural householders all over Sligo and North Leitrim

if they fail to comply with unfair demands. This Government is failing to recognise that many households simply will

not be able to pay for upgrades. Sinn Féin fully supports the upgrading of septic tanks. We fully agree that ground

water and environment must be protected. Hundreds of millions of state money was invested in urban waste water systems

the same support must now be given to rural householders when improving their septic tanks.”

Under pressure from Sinn Féin Minister Hogan conceded that some grants will have to be made available to assist

householders in upgrading their septic tanks, he has also reduced the cost of an appeal from €200 to €20 and a 4

week consultation process will take place before any standards will be agreed. Deputy Colreavy said he will

continue to actively campaign to make sure septic tank standards are just and fair and that financial assistance will

be provided to those who need it.

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