Manifesto for 2011 General Election

Our country needs change. Ireland and Sligo\North Leitrim deserve good government and an effective opposition. We need representatives who provide leadership with integrity and fight for the interests of people rather than subsidising a small golden circle. We need a society where the very wealthy pay their share and where efficient, effective public services are valued instead of vilified.

Jobs for Sligo & Leitrim

Michael Colreavy and Sinn Féin have a vision for job creation in Sligo and Leitrim. At a time of unprecedented unemployment and emigration, he will seek to:

• Implement Sinn Féin’s proposal for a €7 billion job creation and stimulus programme;
• Target inward investment in sectors such as IT, Agri-food and tourism;
• Establish a local enterprise fund to support new employment;
• Ensure that publicly funded contracts are accessible to local businesses;
• Reverse cuts to the Disadvantaged Area Scheme, the Early Retirement Scheme and ensure that those with the lowest farm incomes benefit proportionally more from schemes.

Public Investment in Our Community

Public funding in Sligo & Leitrim has been decimated. Michael Colreavy will seek to:
• Reverse the downgrading of Sligo General Hospital, including the reinstatement of full cancer and orthopaedic services;
• Provide high quality community health services by enhancing the role of GPs, community hospitals and other health professionals;
• Undo the cutbacks to our education services affecting special needs assistants, teacher-pupil ratios and capital building programmes.


Provision of modern road, technological and essential living services is vital if the northwest is to compete on an equal basis. Michael Colreavy will prioritise:
• The Cloonamahon\Castlebaldwin section of the N4, the N16 Sligo to Enniskillen, the R280 from Tullaghan to Carrick and the entire N59 to Ballina;
• Providing social and affordable homes by utilising vacant NAMA owned properties;
• Upgrading water and sewage treatment plants, eliminating water leaks and ensuring a continual supply in all weather conditions;
• Creating a nationwide next-generation broadband system for business, schools and homes.