Michael’s Personal Commitment

Dear Voter,

Day and daily I listen as people speak of the despair of job losses; of talented young people who must emigrate to get a job; of small businesses and farmers barely surviving because of drops in income and strangling state charges. I listen to parents and teachers tell harrowing tales of increasing class sizes and cutbacks in Special Needs Assistants taking the future from our most vulnerable children. I listen to the despair of patients and their families who face the prospect of travelling to Galway for cancer services, and who now see further draconian reduction in all public health services. I see the worry in the faces of people who do not know if they will be able to meet their mortgage repayments and people who saw their life savings plundered by unscrupulous bankers.

I believe that this area now more than ever needs representatives who will listen to people in the community and who have the integrity, ability and track record to defend and promote your interests in government.

A number of people have said they will not vote in the coming general election – that their vote will not make a difference. While the cynicism is understandable the response is misguided. People who do not vote will not change anything, and change is so badly needed just now.

I am not interested in personal glory or wealth; I will draw down only the average industrial wage as a Sinn Féin TD. I am not answerable to any golden circle of millionaires. Let others represent the elite; we represent every person in this constituency and this country. Sinn Féin is with the people.

A number 1 or high preference vote for Michael Colreavy can be the start of an exciting journey for this area and its people.

Ar aghaidh linn le chéile,